Our Strength

Manpower and Plants, together with Machineries and Equipment’s, form the backbone of Cleopatra Trading and Contracting Co construction activities.

At each level, Cleopatra Trading and Contracting Company selects the most qualified people for the job, regardless of any other consideration, and trains them rigorously and continuously.

re of total area 2,500 sq.mlocated also in industrial area used to store equipments

Machineries and Equipment’s
The critical role machineries and equipments play is well underscored by the selection of the latest and most advanced models.
Meticulous maintenance procedures are strictly followed to keep them always in top operating conditions.

Camp and store
The company owns a labour camp and a garage of total area 3,600 sq.m located in industrial area used as a labour accommodation and a garage to do required maintenance for machines.
In addition to that, there is also an equipment store of total area 2,500 sq.m located also in industrial area used to store equipments