Machineries and Equipment’s

The critical role machineries and equipments play is well underscored by theselection of the latest and most advanced models.

Meticulous maintenance procedures are strictly followed to keep them always in top operating conditions.

Company Resources

  • Supervisory Personnel & Average Field Personnel


2Project Manager1
4Safety Officer1
5Quality Assurance1
6Estimation and Planning1
11Equipment Operators17
12Heavy Drivers18
13Light Driver3


  • Principal Plants & Machineries


Item No:Equipment Name
Wheel Loaders
       01.Caterpillar 966 E Shovel
       02.Caterpillar 938 G Wheel Loader
       03.Caterpillar 966 G Wheel Loader
       04.Caterpillar 962 G Wheel Loader
       05.Eougem Wheel Loader GEM 918
       06.Volvo Wheel Loader
Motor Graders
       01.Caterpillar Grader 12G
       02.Caterpillar Grader 140G
       03.Caterpillar Grader 14G
       04.Caterpillar Grader 140 H
       05.Caterpillar DP 40K-1 4ton Fork Lift
       06.Caterpillar Grader 140 H
       01.Bulldozer D8K
       02.Caterpillar Bulldozer D8R
Tire Rollers
       01.Ingram Rubber Roller
       02.Dynapac Rubber Roller
       03.Yoti Group Rubber Roller
       01.Keleblay Tandem Roller
       02.Bomag Tandem Roller
       03.Aveling Barford Tandem Roller
       04.Aveling Barford Tandem Roller
       05.Amman Roller AV 70
       06.Amman Double Drum Roller AV23E
       07.Raygo Compactor Roller 400A
       08.Vibromax Compactor Roller 801
       09.Puma Compactor Roller 179
       10.Bomag Compactor Roller
       11.YTO Compactor Roller
       12.Caterpillar Compactor Roller
Asphalt Paver
       01.ABG Titan 373 Paver
       01.Volvo Excavator EC240 B
       02.Volvo Excavator EC210
       03.Caterpillar Excarator 320C
Trailer Boxes
        01.Trailer Box
        02.Beringer Trailer Box
        03.Beringer Trailer Box
        04.Beringer Trailer Box
        05.Beringer Trailer Box
        06.Beringer Trailer Box
        07.Beringer Trailer Box
Trailer Heads
        01.Man Trailer Head
        02.Man Trailer Haed
        03.Mercedes Trailer Head 1840
        04.Mercedes Trailer Head
        05.Mercedes Trailer Head
        06.Man Trailer Head
        07.Man Trailer Head 18.400
        08.Man Trailer Head 18.390
        01.King 43 FWR Lowbed Trailer
        02.Lowbed Trailer
        03.2 Axle Flat Bed
Sixwheel Trucks
        01.Mercedes Six Wheel Truck 2540
        02.Mercedes Six Wheel Truck 2540
        03.Mercedes Six Wheel Truck 2540
        04.Man Six Wheel Truck 33.350
        05.Man Six Wheel Truck 28.350
        06.Man Six Wheel Truck
        07.Mitsubishi Fuso Truck
Water Tankers
        01.Mercedes Water Tanker 1113
        02.Mercedes Water Tanker
        03.Mercedes Water Tanker 2540
Concerte Mixer
        01.Kamaz Concrete Mixer (8 Cu.m)
Pick up,buses & Passenger Vehicles
        01.Mitsubishi Canter Pick Up
         02.Mitsubishi Pick Up Double Cabin
         03.JMC NKR Double Cabin Pick Up
         04.Kia Pick-up  Double Cabin
         05.Nissan Double Cabin Pick- up
         06.Nissan Double Cabin Pick-up
         07.Toyota Pick Up Hilux
         08.Toyota Pick Up Hilux
         09.Admiral Pick Up
         10.ToyotaLand Cruiser
         11.ToyotaLand Cruiser Station VX-R
         12.ToyotaLand Cruiser VX-R
         13.Nissan Patrol
         14.Nissan Patrol
         15.Mitsubishi Bus 12 Passenger
         16.Nissan Civilian Bus 26 Passenger